Domino's Pizza, Cardiff Bay

Poisoned 1 year ago
Cardiff Bay Link Road, CF10 5BZ Wales, United Kingdom
Domino's Pizza, Cardiff Bay
“I had a dominos last Friday( I ate mine but my boyfriend didn’t eat his) Sunday night I had strange pains that were unfamiliar and got my boyfriend to check me over as he’s a doctor.. that night I was up 9 times going to toilet with water mike diarrhoea. Thus lasted 2 more days. I wasn’t sure if it was dominos but my boyfriend didn’t eat his and he was fine. I chanced it and had another dominos yesterday, today I have the same diarrhoea probably worse just without the bad belly. This for me confirms it is dominos. I’ve been eating dominos for years and have never had this before so i’m Wondering if it is a bad batch.”
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