Domino's Pizza, Preston Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Poisoned 2 years ago
Preston Street, Ottawa, K1R 7R6 Ontario, Canada
Domino's Pizza, Preston Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada
“I have had dominoes on four occasions. The first two times, I ate 2-3 peices and both times got sick with vomiting/food poisoning for a week and a half each time. The third time, I had one gluten free vegetarian peice and was totally fine. I am not gluten intolerant, as I eat pizza from other restaraunts all the time. The fourth time some friends ordered , I had one bite of a vegetarian regular crust and half an hour I was in crazy pain, had to go home and was sick to my stomach for 24 hours. Just after one bite! I ate nothing unusual before hand either. Dominoes non-gluten free crust has something weird in it. I experienced diarriah, fever, vomiting and nausea each time I had it. I will definitely never eat at domino's again. I've heard of a lot of cases similar to mine. It's just domino's doing this to people for some reason.”
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