Domino's Pizza, Riverside Drive, Penticton, BC, Canada Food Poisoning

Poisoned 10 months ago
290 Riverside Drive, Penticton, V2A 5Y5 British Columbia, Canada
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Pizza and breadsticks. Sausage peperoni and green peepers. Spinach green peppers and jalapenos., “After a busy day we decided to order pizza from dominos, to save running too late on waiting for dinner to be prepared once we got home.

Our two kids only had the sausage green pepper and pepperoni pizza and seemed to be fine this morning, however, me and my girlfriend consumed the Spinach jalapeno and green pepper pizza. Today is the worst I have felt in a very very long time and same with my girlfriend. We have been bed ridden and puking all day with stomach pains and diareah.

This has greatly impacted our last day if this long weekend we had and has cause a major inconvience to myself as I was to travel back to a location out if town to continue my trade schooling. I now have to wait and wait and wait as I do not feel like sitting in a car for four hours feeling like this.

We order from this location very often, so this is not a usually way to feel and is the only thing "out of our ordinary diet" that we consumed yesterday, and it was consumed prior to bed so it only makes sense this is what has caused us to be I'll. Just glad my two young children didn't partake in the tainted pizza.

This was at approximately 6:15 p.m. on may 20th 2018. 2 adults have been put into sickness today and had not eaten out anywhere else in the previous 2-3 days. It's was almost immediately after things we rent feeling right but I had assumed maybe I was just tired from an active day and eating later than usual. Something is definitely wrong with how we are feeling and how long it is lasting.”
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2 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting