Du-za Mi-ha, Złota, Warsaw, Poland

Poisoned 11 months ago
Złota, Warszawa, 00-019 mazowieckie, Poland
Du-za Mi-ha, Złota, Warsaw, Poland
“Well as you can see this seems like a normal plate of vegan pad Thai, but if you can look closely at this blurry image just seconds before the cashier swiftly confiscated my plate after she realized that I was about to film it, that there was a 1 inch long screw that I found in my meal. This is not only a major health hazard but also a choking hazard. I'd be less furiated if the staff was at least apologetic about the incident as the only response I receive after reporting the issue was "would you like another plate or your money back". I'd advise anyone to never ever dine here. not in this life time.”
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