Dunkin' Donuts, North Church Street, Hazleton, PA, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
North Church Street, Hazleton, 18202 Pennsylvania, United States
Dunkin' Donuts, North Church Street, Hazleton, PA, USA
“Have lived in area for 25 years, get coffee/donuts there occasionally. sometimes the donuts would give me a little stomach issue but very mild. the coffee would be good one day, so-so on other days, but overall acceptable. well this week, got 2 medium coffees, and dozen of munchkins (donut holes). split them with a friend. later that evening, I had stomach upset- burning, bloating, gas. next day, diarrhea, then constipation, alternating. 4 days later, my stomach still is gassy, constipation, pain, burning when going to bathroom. what the heck ? those munchkins had to be stale or spoiled. talked to relative who worked in donut/coffee chain as a kid, he said donuts are cooked in deep frier, if the oil is bad, it's REALLY BAD and rancid, and will make you very ill. well those munchkins must have been cooked in OLD deep fry oil. have another friend who owns restaurant, he said deep fry oil must be changed very 3-4 days, it begins to stink and go stale. well it only makes sense because the fat from whatever you are cooking, is going into the oil. VERY BAD stomach issue for 4 days now- BEWARE. I'm done with Dunkin Donuts. I noticed their bagged coffee started giving me heartburn and diarrhea, now their donuts too. no more for me. McDonald's coffee isn't as good tasting, but at least you don't get sick from it- BEWARE DUNKIN' DONUTS- they are cutting corners somewhere and you can get food poisoning there.”
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