Food service College, Laurelville, OH, USA

Poisoned 3 years ago
Laurelville, 43135 Ohio, United States
Food service College, Laurelville, OH, USA
“I took just a few smaller pieces of the chicken that was going to be served for lunch.I started eating a smaller piece of it, and as I was chewing it,it felt like it was still raw or just tasted different.At that time I went to the nearest trash can and spit it out! This was about 10:15/10:20 AM. On my lunch break.I returned to my job, and around 11:30A. I started to feel like I was going to get sick. I tried drinking a little water/sipping on it, then tried Ginger Ale soda.At that point I felt really sick,and weak and when standing my legs felt like rubber and weak. Between 12:30p./12:45p. I had to hurry myself to the back restroom, and that's when I first threw up. I was off work at 2:00p left to get to my other job around 2:30p. or so, and I got sick again around 4:30p. there. My stomach just kept rolling, or flip flopping it felt like, and started feeling feverish. I just got”
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