Frisch's Big Boy, Plainfield Road, Blue Ash, OH, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, 45236 Ohio, United States
Frisch's Big Boy, Plainfield Road, Blue Ash, OH, USA
“We went in for dinner tonight at 8:45pm. Left just after 9:30. I had a cheeseburger, the salad bar and they brought me some baked apples. My youngest daughter had salad bar, oldest had chicken wrap with onion rings and my mom had French toast and bacon.

We went to krogers right after which is just around the corner. By 10:15 I had to head to the bathroom. My stomach was cramped, nausea, light headed, heart racing. My youngest was nauseous as well. We stayed in the bathroom nearly 30 minutes because we were throwing up.

We left, have puked in the car, and are at home. It is 11:17pm now, the stomach cramps are so painful and the bloating is awful. If it gets worse we will have to go to the hospital”
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