Gibsons Italia, North Canal Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 11 months ago
North Canal Street, Chicago, 60606 Illinois, United States
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Gibsons Italia, North Canal Street, Chicago, IL, USA
“I took the transit system downtown to eat lunch at the bar around 2pm. I ordered a crispy chicken entrée on top of polenta and wild mushroom with flashed shishito peppers on the side. I noticed right away the broth/sauce from the mushroom and polenta was cold and lukewarm in certain areas. The mushroom had a gummy texture and the sauce had an overpowering taste of mushroom. The chicken tasted okay however it was over-seasoned with salt. Possibly old chicken too. After the bill, I started feeling symptoms of nausea while taking the transit home. As I got home, that's when I realized I was for sure food poisoned as I felt weak and useless basically for the next few days not able to keep anything down including liquids. Still recovering from minor nauseous symptoms today which is a week after the incident. I want to say the shishito peppers are in the safe zone, but not entirely sure. Leading cause in my opinion to my symptoms was the chicken entrée with polenta and wild mushroom. Dish ran for $25”
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