Golden corral rio rancho, ca

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Grant Line Road, Tracy, 95304 California, United States
Golden corral rio rancho, ca
“Visited the new Rio Rancho Location on mother's day around 5:30pm, had just about eaten the same items as my brother who was with me during the visit only difference was I had eaten a piece of chicken prepared w/onions and the beef stew not sure which was the cause, shortly after within 45 mins my stomach began aching, didn't pay to much attention figured I had eaten slightly to much, around 7:30 I began feeling nauseous and my stomach felt bloated, shortly after I began vomiting x2 , drank water didn't take any medication began getting chills even after I dressed warmer, fell asleep and woke up an hr later began vomiting again, drank more water and slept until 8am 5/15/17 next day and felt stomach pain and nauseous and as if I had a fever i.e. sweating. And this is where i am now. 1:20pm 5/15/17 .Never again”
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