Golden Duck Restaurant, Garth Road, Scarsdale, NY, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 9 months ago
102 Garth Road, Scarsdale, 10583 New York, United States
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Orange/tangerine beef , “I have ordered take- out a few times a year at Golden Duck on Garth Road , Scarsdale NY. I did again last evening around 9 pm and called them because I thought they had given me the incorrect meal, it had the orange flavor, but after another family member couldn’t determine what meat was used , I made the call. They delivered a replacement and let me know by phone they removed the charges, I gave them back the original meal to have them learn from the error. They called me again about five minutes after the delivery to see my satisfaction, and I shared I hadn’t taken a bite yet as it was an hour and a half latter the original order and wasn’t hungry at this point. After the call I did decide to try it, despite the loss of appetite. The dish was now much darker in appearance than the first order. This time it had a fried then flour like consistency with a charred taste, as though the batter with lotus flour wasn’t mixed properly, which I thought was isolated to the piece I first tried, and so I tried different ones around the dish. The meat used was still mystery meat as again I could not conclude the meat was beef; disappointed I decided to treat myself and not cook as the experience was underwhelming , I decided I was personally bringing them back the dish so they could decipher the dish they were serving and placed it in my refrigerator , since they were closing . I didn’t make it there today as I have been very ill all night, chills and swears, accompanied all the symptoms and now more than 12 hours later I have the worst headache and am still not feeling well enough to move from the sofa/couch.”
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