Greg's Grill, Southwest Powerhouse Drive, Bend, OR, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Southwest Powerhouse Drive, Bend, 97702 Oregon, United States
Greg's Grill, Southwest Powerhouse Drive, Bend, OR, USA
“Stopped by for an late afternoon cocktail and appetizer on 8/14/18 with two friends. I ate one shrimp that was on what I thought was a happy hour appetizer table, turned the appetizers were set out for a private party. Went to bed early and awoke by midnight feeling nauseated, diarrhea started within two hours, vomiting a few hours later. Ruined my planed vacation week of mountain biking. Diarrhea lasted four days, ate vary little during that time. This started Tuesday and my first real meal was on Monday. It took a full week to get my system back to normal. I was with two other friends, we ate all are meals together prior to getting sick. The shrimp, covered in possibly a mayo sauce tasted odd and was the only thing I ate that they did not.”
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