Hard Rock Cafe Bruxelles, Grand Place, Brussels, Bruxelles, Belgium


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Mar 4 12:04am

Hard Rock Cafe, Pike Street, Seattle, WA, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea


My girlfriend and I ordered the same thing (twisted Mac and cheese) and we both got sick shortly after returning home Read More


Ate at the Mexican restaurant in the resort, next day severe stomach pain and had to call the doctors on call at the resort, sick in bed the next 3 days. Terrible vacation Read More

Jan 1 6:02am

Hard Rock Cafe NYC, Broadway, New York, NY, United States

Symptoms: Nausea Fever Vomiting


NULL, Partner and I shared a starter but had different mains. He was fine. I had the pulled pork big Texan Sandwich at hard rock Times Square on 22nd December 2016 and was violently ill all night. I was then travelling home the next day which was a struggle! Ruined the end of our holiday!! Read More