Holiday Inn Express Airport, Freisinger Str. 94, 85445 Oberding, Germany

Food Poisoning 1 week ago
Freisinger Straße, Oberding, 85445 Bayern, Germany
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Holiday Inn Express Airport, Freisinger Str. 94, 85445 Oberding, Germany
“A terrible dinner buffet!

My flight to Toronto was significantly delayed on May 06, 2019! Lufthansa Service Desk at Munich Airport offered accommodation, dinner and breakfast at Holiday Inn Express Airport!

Unfortunately, the restaurant option wasn't available: the receptionist made it clear that I will be responsible for paying for my dinner!

The dinner buffet menu: some dark brown mixture of beans, sauce and ground beef! By the time I got at the hotel, I was starving, and ate some of the ground beef beans mixtures! The food was appalling, bad taste and smell!

I woke up in the morning with excruciating pain in my stomach, headache, cramps, vomited, had chills, sweating and diarrhoea! I was dehydrated, weak and had nausea for several days! Initially, I blamed my symptoms on indigestion! A few days later, I found out that I'd acquired a foodborne disease! My flight from Munich to Toronto was HELL! During the 8.5-hour trip, I spent most of my time in the washroom and next to it!

Additionally, I've tried to liaise confidently with the hotel manager and solve the food situation issue! My first email went out to her the morning before living the establishment! Beside of bunch of apologies and excuses, she refused to understand the gravity of the situation and assume some responsibility for the issues! Also, she tried to shake me off her case: "unfortunately I cannot find your reservation in our system"!
Furthermore, all she did was trying very hard to dismiss my complaint and proof the facts unsubstantiated and unfounded!

I've proofed her statements untrue as she tried to fool me! The burden was on her to prove her statement right and me wrong: she never challenged my accusation! My last email sent to her on June 13, 2019, wasn't answered as she couldn't back up some of her statements!

Besides my complaint, there were tens of other customer complaints regarding the quality of food offered by the hotel! The situation didn't concern her at all as the money was in the bag from Lufthansa.

The airline must have been aware of the bad quality food situation, whatsoever they sent me there in spite of many customers complains and reviews! They failed to fulfil the imposed obligation "of duty of care " and adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others"!

In my opinion, the airline is responsible for not taking preventive measures to avoid any issue regarding food complains at Holiday Inn Express! However,

Finally, "the myth' of good quality food doesn't exist anymore, not even in Germany!”
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