Hung Xing Seafood, Jalan Kendera, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Jalan Kendera, Kota Kinabalu, 88200 Sabah, Malaysia
Hung Xing Seafood, Jalan Kendera, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
“Had a wedding dinner on the 20th of october 2018. During that time of the date somewhere between 9pm-9.30pm had a stomachache that is excruciating. It felt like i drank milk(lactose intolerant) kind of pain. Thought maybe do some no.2(go poo poo) would make it better. But i was wrong and felt very unpleasent with myself after doing no.2. Felt very unwell so i decided to go home straight from the event. Upon almost arriving home i suddenly exploded with vomit during my drive back home. Luckily i manage to park on the road side to avoid congestion to the traffic. While the car is parked. I continue vomitting nonstop for 4 episodes of it. Wondering wat was going on that time why i vomit suddenly. No kore second thoughts. So i immediately drove back home because i was near to my house already at that time. So i continue driving with the stains on the car. Upon reach just infeont of the house i felt weak and continue vomiting nonstop. Another 3 episodes of it. But this time it came out blood. Body was getting weak and weaker manage to call my wife out of the house in need of help.. Fwlt so helpless and weak already at that time. My sister and my wife immediately rushed my to the hospital right after cleaning me at home. Landed in the emergency room with the help of some nurses and doctors. Not sure how many and who was it. I only know this by the sound of their voices. I was trembling and felt like suffocating at that time. Not sure wat was the time maybe it was 10.40pm at that time. So the doctor continue with their jobs to find out wat was wrong with me. After waking up at nearly 2am. Im already on a wheelchair and the nurse is pushing me to a ward. The next morning the doctor gave me the answer to me that i was diagnosed with scromboid poisoning.”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Scombroid
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