Idle Spurs Steakhouse, Old Highway 58, Barstow, CA, USA


Mark Zimmerman 2019-01-04 12:43
Unfortunately, your claim provides erroneous information and fails to include all the information given to your wife. We have never been supplied with any product that has been infected with E. coli. What your wife failed to understand, and failed to explain to you, was that when an outbreak of E. coli was suspected to have come from Romaine lettuce from the central valley of California, three weeks ago, our supplier suspended all shipments from that area. In addition, Romaine Lettuce was unavailable to us for 10 days before it was secured from another area namely the Imperial Valley. As was explained to your wife, there are excellent measures in place throughout the "food chain" that provide identification of the source, packaging, and distribution of products. Had we ever received anything that was suspect of being contaminated with E. coli , or any other pathogen we would have been notified and required by law to comply with it's recall. I also explained to your wife that if you were suffering from a food borne illness you might try and recall what you ate 24-48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms since that is the general incubation period for most bacteria associated with food borne illnesses. While I have empathy for your illness I feel that your claim of implicating our establishment as the culprit is unfair and without merit.