IHOP, Southeast Delaware Avenue, Ankeny, IA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Southeast Delaware Avenue, Ankeny, 50021 Iowa, United States
IHOP, Southeast Delaware Avenue, Ankeny, IA, USA
“Mom and I both ordered cheeseburgers. Hers was fine. After eating only a few bites of mine i had severe sudden stomach cramping and pain. I excused myself to the restroom. Upon returning I noticed it was very undercooked and completely pink throughout inside. Mom's was brown and thoroughly done. I stopped eating and the management/staff very politely adjusted the tab. I brought just the meat pattie home for a literal doggie bag. I microwaved it more done and split between my 2 dogs. The much older 1 puked it up after eating; the young pup seems fine albeit gassy and neither typically have finicky tummies at all. Honestly idk if it was the undercooking or just a bad luck tainted/bad pattie. I'm still doubled over waiting for pain and cramping to pass but haven't gotten "sick" yet and hope i won't but definitely no appetite...”
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