Irish Times, Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 weeks ago
500 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, 94111 California, United States
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“On Thursday Feb 28th, I Woke up craving a full "Irish Breakfast ", the 'full' works. Locally the 2 irish joints open at 11 and 11:30, I headed to my studio in North Beach, and remembered the "Irish Times" was on my way.

This was about 1:20, and the blonde Irish sounding waitress informed me breakfast stopped at noon or such. I got up to leavem, but she insisted she would the kitchen if was OK for the order, and it was.

So I order up as await my breakfast. My Over medium eggs were both broken and burnt solid, the beans were cold, black pudding isn't, no tomatoes, white pudding cold, irish bacon isn't.oast cold, one piece of frozen butter. 2 lukewarm pork. sausages. Potatoes were some hard and some raw.

I ate the eggs, chewed on the toast, ate a spoonful of cold beans and one pork sausage. Finished my coffee, paid my bill and vowed never to visit the Irish Times again. Problem is, the Irish Times visited me.

Made it to my studio at Union and Grant, spent the day and early evening preparing for a meeting on Friday, March 1st in the studio. I went home, with an upset stomach, and lack of appetite. The Irish Breakfast being all I ate all day.

returning home, I fell asleep early and woke at 10am to a cup of tea, some chills and an upset stomach. I took the bus to my studio, feeling worse as as I went. At Pacific and Stockton, sweating, I got off the 12 Buss and doubled over in chills and stomach pains. I was again preparing for my meeting, but I was dropping fast. I was drinking water and soda water to end my stomach cramps. Eventually my meetinging arrived and Mitch had to drive me home at once.

Spent from 1pm Friday to 4pm sunday, sh*tting liquid to the point where I could not keep up and passed out due to dehydration. AS I write this on Monday, 2pm. Im on the toilet every 20 40 minutes now, instead of five. I'm exhausted and am going to attempt a nap. I am a disabled Veteran so I am under advisement by the Fort Miley VA. If I am still passing water on Tuesday morning, I'm to be hospitalized.”
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