Jack in the Box, Norwalk Boulevard, Norwalk, CA, United States

Poisoned 2 years ago
Norwalk Boulevard, Norwalk, 90650 California, United States
Jack in the Box, Norwalk Boulevard, Norwalk, CA, United States
“Here's the story:

My girlfriend was coming over and she ended up stopping at this location at 2am.

As she drove up she sees 3 or 4 employees playing football in the parking lot, they said that they get bored sometimes and that's why they were playing outside.

She orders 2 sourdough sandwiche combos, one without tomatoes, and asked for an Oreo Cookie shake, which they guy replied " We're currently out of shakes at the moment. (I've been coming to this place late night many times and I've never had any issues ordering a oreo cookie shake before.)

About 10 minutes of waiting they guy asks my girlfriend to move back and forward so his timer wouldn't tick and make noise.

Finally he gives the order to her, she ended up getting 2 cokes instead and he placed them In those cardboard cup holders.

After getting her food she heads to my place, which is about 5 mins from this location.

It was late and she didn't notice the cup holder was torn. Safe to say the drinks spilled all over the floor, opening up the bag she notices the curly fries are cold and not fresh. Basically it was uneatable, finally I get home as she starts opening the bag, the sourdough jacks were...you guessed it cold too.

On top of that we both felt nauseous when we woke up in the morning.

I have a fever and diarrhea now and the only thing that could've caused it was their disgusting food, sweaty dirty employees playing football and getting sweat all over the food, taking shortcuts on cooking, not washing their hands and asking my girlfriend to back up and move forward so his stupid timer wouldn't make noise.

We will NEVER!!!!! be going to a Jack in the box ever again.

Horrible service, cold contaminated food, who knows what they put in it. I guess it was a big inconvenience for them to stop playing their game and actually help a paying customer
This happened 6/29/17 @ 2am..
Bf and I experienced nausea, fever, chills, vomiting horrible feeling.”
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