Jerk Factory, 225 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Temporary Closure - related to food safety 10 months ago
East 47th Street, Chicago, 60653 Illinois, United States
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Jerk Factory, 225 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL, USA
“> 2-102.12 Observed facility food handlers preparing and handling temperature control for safety (TCS)food without original City of Chicago food service manager and certificate on site.
> 2-102.14(a) Observed no employee health policy on site. Must provide priority foundation violation
> 2-501.11 Observed no vomitous and diarrheal incident clean up policy in place and kit on site. Must provide. Priority foundation violation.
> 5-203.11 Observed no hand sink in front prep area. Facility must obtain and install a hand sink under city water pressure and maintain. Priority foundation violation.
> 3-501.16(a)(2) Observed food not meeting temperature requirements of 41 degrees f or below in front prep kitchen area; house dressing, sour cream, slice tomato, cheese cut leafy greens, etc. In 4 door prep reach in cooler at 50.5-54.4 degrees f; sliced tomatoes 56.0 degrees f, sour cream 52 degrees f inside refrigerator. Person in charge voluntary discarded. Approx. 8 pounds $50 value. Priority violation
> 3-501.17 (c) Observed ready to eat temperature control for safety (TCS) food inside refrigerator in prep kitchen with out date mark/ missing; cooked beef steak, cabbage and chicken. Instructed person in charge to utilize date marking on ready to eat TCS foods. Priority foundation violation.
> 4-301.11 Observed facility equipment for cold holding in disrepair. 4 door reach in prep cooler at 50.5-54.4 degrees f. Informed person in charge to repair or replace for proper cold holding of 41 degrees f or below. Tagged unit. Priority violation
> 4-302.12 (a) Observed facility without thermometers provided for measuring cooked food temperature. Facility must obtain and maintain proper thermometers. Priority foundation violation
> 4-203.12 Observed facility missing thermometers for reach in coolers for facility or in disrepair. Informed person in charge to obtain and maintain thermometers for units. Priority foundation violation
> 3-602.11 (b) (5) Observed house made dressing and pastries missing label information allergen, weight, ingredients etc. Informed person in charge to provide proper labels for food items. Priority foundation
> 4-903.11 (d) Observed items stored on floor in facility.
> 4-101-17 Observed cutting boards in facility heavily scored, dark grooves and food debris.
> 4-204.120 Observed inside of reach in freezer (front) with accumulation of ice build up inside.
> 5-202.14 Observed facility missing back flow prevention device on mop sink. Priority violation
> 5-202.11(b) all sink in which food, utensils, and equipment shall be connected to a catch-basin or be equipped with an approved grease inceptor. Observed three compartment ware washing sink with out approved grease trap.
> 6-201.16 Observed ceiling tiles in front prep area surfaces constructed of absorbent materials, rough, not easily cleanable and stained.
> 6-501.114 Observed accumulation of unnecessary articles throughout and in rear of facility and disorganized and clutter for harborage conditions.
> 6-501.16 Observed mop in a position that does not allow to dry properly and prevent pest harborage.
> 6-501.14 Observed ventilation in restroom in disrepair and accumulation of dust.
> 6-303-11 Observed light under hood in disrepair, non-functional.
> 6-501.14 Observed hood not cleaned accumulation of grease, food debris, and dust.
> 2-102.13 Observed facility missing required food handler training certification for all food handler employees.
> Observed facility food service sanitation managers without required allergen training certification.
> 8-304.11 Observed facility summary report not post and missing from facility.

Source: Chicago Health Dept.”
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