Jimmy John's, Park Drive, Boston, MA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Park Drive, Boston, 02215 Massachusetts, United States
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Jimmy John's, Park Drive, Boston, MA, United States
“I ate at Jimmy John's at approx. 1pm on Friday 5/13/16 and had the Vito (italian sub). I felt a little uneasy about an hour or two later but nothing too bad. The next day I was working on my house so I was distracted but when I tried to have lunch I wasn't feeling it and only had a slice of pizza. I thought it was my acid reflux at first. Then at about 9pm I had my first incident of diarrhea. it was about an hour later until my second instance and that's when the vomiting started. Severe vomiting with completely liquid diarrhea continued until about 5pm. I was so dehydrated and drained I would have sever muscle cramps all over while vomiting and when lying down or sitting. I was barely able to sip water, Gatorade, ginger ale, and Pedialyte without vomiting until late Sunday night. I have only had a couple pieces of toast and some rice and it is now Tuesday. This has absolutely been the worst sickness I have ever had.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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