Jimmy John's, Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, 60187 Illinois, United States
Jimmy John's, Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL, USA
“All I can say is I should’ve known better since I manage a restaurant. The first time coming to this JJ location there were 2 ladies working, one made my sandwich and the other rang my meal. The one making my sandwich kept wiping her gloved hands on her apron while in the middle of making my sandwich. Did not say anything but last night went there again and only 1 girl was working, she had gloves on and made my sandwich before ringing it. When she was done and wrapped it up she then began to ring me up with her gloves on still. I grabbed my food and saw her go back to handling food...with the same gloves she rang my meal up with. Came home to eat it, gave my dog just a tiny piece of the roast beef. Around 4am woke up nauseous and was vomiting for quite some time. Woke up at 7 to my dog throwing up. This was not a coincidence, we were poisoned and something must get done about this, train these employees proper food handling procedures please. It is the law.”
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