Kamisama Ramen, 1400 Calloway Drive, Bakersfield, CA, USA

Temporary Closure - related to food safety 9 months ago
Calloway Drive, Bakersfield, 93312 California, United States
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Kamisama Ramen, 1400 Calloway Drive, Bakersfield, CA, USA
“Kamisama Ramen, located at 1400 Calloway Drive, Suite 101, was shut down Tuesday by the Kern County Public Health Department after a health inspector found cockroaches throughout the establishment, including in the kitchen and food prep area.
The restaurant also lacked food handlers cards for employees cooking in the kitchen, according to the department's website. Other violations include no soap in the front cook line hand washing sink and excess water build up on the drain in the back mop sink.
The inspector gave the restaurant a 59 percent rating.
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