KFC, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Alfreton Road, NG7 3NH England, United Kingdom
Total all time reports: 3
Total all time sick persons: 4
KFC, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, United Kingdom
“Me and my daughter ate a chicken burger chips and popcorn chicken on Sunday night from this takeaway a few hours later my daughter started to be sick in the middle of the night and complaining of stomach pains following with runny p**
Then I woke up vomiting and feeling incredibly sick to where I couldn’t move as I felt so ill then I also had a high temperature and have had to take paracetamol”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
2 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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