KFC, Crown Hill Retail Park, 227 Tavistock Road, Plymouth PL6 5US, UK

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Tavistock Road, Plymouth, PL6 5US England, United Kingdom
KFC, Crown Hill Retail Park, 227 Tavistock Road, Plymouth PL6 5US, UK
“I had KFC in Plymouth. Near two weeks a go on the mo day night . I had order the chicken fillet got to eat it and was warm near cold . I ask and talk and told the sales person it was not hot near warm to cold . She then talk to an other member of staff and told me will do on other one chicken fillet . How ever after eating it I was sick real ad 4 times after eating the chicken about 20 minets later .disn the road from the KFC . I phoned up the KFC to let them know and find not wish to know all they said was go to the doctor and get a note from him . They said could not sick after eating he chicken so fast .
I sent Email to the head office who said will like to know more and will sending of me a litter and form to fill in . Wednesday just gone had no letter or form sent to my home so ask again why get got bad service not not sent later to my home they said on it way but not letter in he post this is now 12 days ago no no letter to up this day in the post . They living lies not looking after the customer . I found out the KFC in Plymouth had a lot of issues with the chicken not bring cooked right . And they seem not to take action on customer Issues or bring bad from there cooked chicken .”
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1 person had — diarrhea and vomiting
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