KFC, New Jersey 72, Manahawkin, NJ, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
New Jersey 72, Stafford Township, 08050 New Jersey, United States
KFC, New Jersey 72, Manahawkin, NJ, USA
“I bought a 8 peice original chicken, with 2 large sides. Potatos wedges and mac and cheese. All of the food tasted old and re heated. The chicken was stale and dry, the potato wedges also stale and leathery. But above all else i am certain the mac and cheese is what made my child VERY SICK. The mac and cheese had some brown macaronies in it. I thought it was burned parts. I tasted it and i thought it tasted off, even the color was a little more pale than usual. I should have thrown it away, however its the only food my son eats and he was hungry and he said it tasted fine to him (i think the hunger made him think it tasted fine bc it tasted pretty weird to me). Im so mad at myself for letting my child eat that food. He was voilently vomiting all night and day.”
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1 person had — vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and fever