Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery, 1733 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL, USA

Food Safety 3 weeks ago
South Halsted Street, Chicago, 60608 Illinois, United States
Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery, 1733 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL, USA
“Report date: Mar 12, 2020
23. Proper date marking and disposition
- comments: 3-501. 17 observed time/temperature control for safety ready to eat foods (cooked chicken, tamales) out of the original packaging and held for over 24 hours in a refrigerator without labels containing the product discard dates. Instructed to properly label all tcs rte foods that are held for more than 24 hours in a refrigerator with a discard date. Manager provided labels during the inspection. Priority foundation. Citation issued 7-38-005.

37. Food properly labeled; original container
- comments: 3-602. 11(b:5) observed prepackaged desserts for sale at the front customer counter without allergen warning labels. Instructed to provide. Priority foundation 7-38-005.

51. Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices
- comments: 5-204. 12 unable to locate the back flow prevention device on the coffee machine. Instructed to locate.

57. All food employees have food handler training
- comments: 2-102. 13 observed one male food handler without a food handlers certificate. Instructed to meet requirement.

60. Previous core violation corrected
- comments: 8-404. 13(b:4) observed previous core violations not corrected from inspection report #2268728 dated 2/28/19; 3-602. 11(a; b:1-4,6,7; c; d): **c** food labels observed a variety of baked foods cakes, cookies etc. Prepackaged for retail sale not properly labeled, instructed on proper labeling. - 2-102. 13: **c** allergen training - all certified food service sanitation managers employed by a restaurant must receive or obtain training in basic allergen awareness principles within 30 days after employment and every 3 years thereafter. Training programs must be accredited by the american national standards institute or another reputable accreditation agency under the astm international e2659-09 (standard practice for certificate programs). Observed no allergen training certificate on premises at this time, instructed to provide. Instructed to correct all previous core violations. Priority foundation. Citation issue 7-42-090.

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