Kroger Bakery, North Middlebelt Road, Westland, MI, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
North Middlebelt Road, Westland, 48185 Michigan, United States
Kroger Bakery, North Middlebelt Road, Westland, MI, USA
Sushi Bar , purchased Sushi are within 30 minutes from purchase around 4 pm .By 11pm was vomiting over & over , at least 15 times until the following day approximately 24 hours after eating . Went to Kroger to let them know , spoke with Manager as he told me it's made fresh daily , he then tried to get me away from Sushi area due to other customers hearing our conversation. The lady at the deli informed me that they got a new Sushi Vendor & liked the old vendors a lot more & have had issues with new vendors. The manager showed no remorse, didn't show an ounce of care & lied to my face saying Sushi was made fresh every day .I had noticed a package that was underneath that had the expiration date on the same day April 12 . I purchase 2 packs of California rolls that said expiration was on April 13 , I thought well this looks good , the salmon rolls looked a little rough it was brown not pink .I then went in the next day & all the packs said sell by April 18 , I told the manager how are all these dates different if everything is made fresh every day & what do you do with what is not sold the following day ? He then was just trying to get me out of that section of the store due to the scene I was causing. I then warned the people that we're looking at Sushi & called the manager out saying you don't care about anyone's health just your profit .I informed you of a health hazard / violation & you did nothing except try to get me out of the store ! Kroger = Garbage & bad health & hygiene practices. I have also warned them countless times on how their sealed bagged mini carrots are filled with water due to their self watering system that mists vegetables , their small peeled bagged carrots get filled with at least 1/4 cup of water . I had purchased a bag unknowingly & got home & was like WTF is going on with these things , I have purchased these styles of carrots for years & never had seen this !I ate Sushi from sushi bar purchased at Kroger Middlebelt rd / Warren rd in Westland Mi .”
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