May Wah, Baseline Road, Boulder, CO, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Baseline Road, Boulder, 80305 Colorado, United States
May Wah, Baseline Road, Boulder, CO, USA
“After running the BoulderBoulder a co-worker, her boyfriend and myself decided to eat Pho. The only thing that I ate that was different was the Vietnamese egg rolls. When I returned home I decided to take a nap. I awoke to a strange discomfort in my stomach which turned into agonizing pain. My roomate then drove me to the hospital where I was given pain meds and took a cat scan to ensure it wasn't anything else pressing. After receiving the report my doctor concluded that it was a food born illness and that it was most likely food poisoning. After I was discharged I called my co-workers to make sure they hadn't contracted food poisoning. Thankfully they had not gotten sick due to the food. Now I am attempting to do the right thing and report it to both the restaurant and food services. I hope this issue can be resolved because I wouldn't wish the pain I endured on my worst enemy.”
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