McDonald's, 169th Street, Hammond, IN, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
169th Street, Hammond, 46323 Indiana, United States
McDonald's, 169th Street, Hammond, IN, United States
“I Went To McDonalds And Ordered Two McPick 2 Meals . They were all Jalepeño McChickens. As I unwrapped my order & was half way through the burger I could tell something was different about these from every other time I had eaten "The Jalepeño McChicken." I didn't pay much mind to it and continued on with my day. After about 20minutes of driving I felt my stomach take a quick turn for the worst & had to pull over to throw up on the side of the street. I continued on with my day feeling very Nauseas & Decided to head home. When I got home I had explosive diarrhea & chills all through my body. I decided to sleep it off. When I woke up this morning at about 5:30am Eastern Central Time, the feeling of nausea, pain, & chills had gotten worse. I took a few homemade remedies this morning & it only calmed the pain in my stomach for a bit. Then I took some Peptobismol & Things still were the same. I felt so frustrated and upset that I googled what to do if I received food poisoning from McDonald's & it redirected me here.”
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