McDonald's, 1704 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington, TX, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
West Randol Mill Road, Arlington, 76012 Texas, United States
McDonald's, 1704 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington, TX, USA
“Me and my 3 young boys are ate there last Tuesday. The next day start it with my oldest boy. He had very bad stomach cramps and he's started to throwing up. He was very sick more than 2 days. With me start it on Friday. I was throwing up a lot ,very high fever ,cramps. I'm not even couldn't get up! And same night my two other boys are also start to throwing up. We are still have a diarrhea. We had a horrible Thanksgiving . I'm not even could't help on my boys! My poor husband had to take care of us! Only he wasn't sick because he didn't come with us to the McDonald's. We got the food very fast and the french fries wasn't fresh.I think the food was sitting there for a while. We had cheese burgers , chicken sandwich , chicken nuggets and french fries. My kids are really love to go there but after this happened ,I'm not going to take my kids there anymore! Thanks!”
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4 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting