McDonald's, Airport Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Airport Boulevard, Pittsburgh, 15231 Pennsylvania, United States
McDonald's, Airport Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
“Husband bought us breakfast sandwiches at 6:30 AM Mon March 19 at the McDonald's in PGH Pittsburgh PA airport. His was bacon egg cheese bagel, mine was egg McMuffin. We felt great beforehand, and it was the only thing we ate.

On the plane, I started feeling extremely queasy even though I love flights and enjoy the ride. I involuntarily vommitted the sandwich into the sick bag. I quickly felt better once it was out of my stomach, though my stomach is somewhat upset (worse if I try to eat) so I have had to forego lunch and dinner. Nausea, vommitting, and now diarrhea.

My husband got food poisoning worse though it kicked in an hour or two later once we landed in Orlando. Diarrhea and severe nausea all day. Puked later at hotel. He's been stuck between bed and bathroom, both ends explosive. No other sickness symptoms like flu, all angry guts. We had to cancel/postpone our trip to Disney World. Stuck in hotel room taking turns in the bathroom.”
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