McDonald's, Coconut Creek, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Coconut Creek, 33073 Florida, United States
McDonald's, Coconut Creek, FL, USA
“My wife and I ate mc donalds fries because she loves fries. We both are fries around 7 P.M. We went to sleep and everything seemed normal. At 2 A.M. I woke up because I felt nauseous along with my wife. like the room was 40 degrees Farenheit. Not exaggerating my whole body was shaking because of how cold it felt. The temperature was at 74 degree Farenheit so I pumped it up to 78 degree Farenheit. I could not sleep at all. There were not that many stomach pains until 4 A.M. I had to sleep with a long sleeve, socks, and a cloth hate. I forgot the name. My wife had to wake up at 6:40 A.M. she started to vomit and I went to go check on her. I started to vomit as well.”
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2 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting