McDonald's, East 63rd Street, Raytown, MO, USA

Poisoned 1 week ago
East 63rd Street, Raytown, Missouri, United States
McDonald's, East 63rd Street, Raytown, MO, USA
“Went to the one by OSCO drug store, across from the Dollar General where the old IGA super center grocery store used to be. I had their buttermilk chicken sandwhich mayo only where IM from and i developed not once twice having guall bladder issue problems severe acute adominal pain so bad i thought id have to go to the hospital middle of the night and now having direia what the heck are you all putting into your'e food causing innocent American citizens to come down so sick during a virus out break like this it was only me that got sick not once twice”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Hospital
1 person had — diarrhea and stomach pain
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