McDonald's, Fruit Cove, FL, United States

Poisoned 4 years ago
State Road 13, Fruit Cove, 32259 Florida, United States
McDonald's, Fruit Cove, FL, United States
“I got McDonalds yesterday at like 4pm Eastern time, I got home around 6 and felt ill I got chills a fever always gotta go to the bathroom. Then I took Ibuprofen and went about my business and when I ate it 2 times today from the same fruitland McDonalds and got the same exact foods and every time after I ate it I felt sick with chills and the diarrhea with a fever of 102. Ice eaten McDonalds alot and never ever gotten sick I've been complaining to corporate lately and now I'm getting sick every time I eat at McDonalds. It can't be a coincidence”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and fever
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