McDonald's, Glenbrook Avenue, Meadowview, VA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Glenbrook Avenue, Meadowview, 24361 Virginia, United States
McDonald's, Glenbrook Avenue, Meadowview, VA, USA
“Traveling from Little Rock, Arkansas to Richmond, Virginia ... made a late night stop Friday evening the 21st of December. We ordered 2 meals -- a big Mac meal with ice tea and a 1/4 quarter pounder with cheese meal with ice T. I took about 3 bites of the quarter pounder with cheese and something tasted very awful I finished the fries, but could NOT eat the burger anymore. I told my daughter that my Burger did not taste right that something was wrong with it. m
My daughter ate the Big Mac and the fries & she Had no symptoms whatsoever as a matter of fact I was so nauseous shortly thereafter I could not drive the car anymore- my daughter had to drive. I felt extremely nauseous as if I were to puKe any moment. I started to feel weak and lethargic... we stopped in Goochland, Va at a small gas station because I thought I would need to throw up... I didn't ... We continued for 45 minutes more, driving to my mother's house outside of Sandston, Virginia. I barely was able to unpack one piece of luggage once I arrived .. I violently threw up 6 times in a row my food was not digested at all. I have never thrown up this violently before EVER... it was like the exorcist. 6 times in a row... when I was done throwing up - I assumed whatever happened was out of my system...boy was I wrong! Luckily, I did not throw up anymore nor did I have diarrhea but I had stomach cramps, headache, fever, weakness of entire body & extremely tired. I could barely unload the car & had to go straight to bed. t
The next morning, I had to crawl up the stairs on all fours just to use the restroom… I was even too weak to drive my car to the airport to pick up my son & grandbaby - my daughter once again had to drive... I continued to have fever, trouble sleeping, headaches and just completely over all sick feeling… Body aches, muscle weakness, abs hurting from expelling my food!!! My 1st 5 days of vacation were completely ruined because of something that was in that food!!! This is unacceptable... I also had work to do accomplish remotely while on vacation. I could do none of it... This happened on a Friday night late ... I could not eat anything until that Monday. This needs to be investigated. Thanks”
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