McDonald's, Gunnison River Drive, Delta, CO, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Gunnison River Drive, Delta, 81416 Colorado, United States
McDonald's, Gunnison River Drive, Delta, CO, USA
“I didn’t eat breakfast this morning and we went out of town. Stopped at McDonald’s and I ate a couple of my husband’s fries. Within 20 minutes, I started having severe abdominal cramps. Ten minutes later, I started having the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction: Coughing, sneezing, nose was completely congested, my eyes became blood shot and almost swelled shut, itchy throat, wheezing, and severe diarrhea. I was lucky to have some benedryl on me or I might have gone into full blown anaphylaxis. Also - I have no known food allergies and never have had any food allergies. I found this extremely strange. I won’t be eating any fast food for a long, long time after this.”
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