McDonalds, Hemion Road, Suffern, NY 10901, United States

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Hemion Road, Suffern, 10901 New York, United States
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McDonalds, Hemion Road, Suffern, NY 10901, United States
“Purchased about 3pm thurs 2/1 - as common, i eat 1 or 2 evenings later... kept foil wrapped... actually transferred to foil bebore putting in fridge within an hour of purchase... this has never happened before
Ate sandwich Sat 8pm (after only eating bran Flakes w almond milk at 2pm and sleeping all day due to fibromyalgia sleep needs... nothing new or different to my diet or meds.
Byt 10pm somach was hurting...
By 10:30 easy poop but more than usual and unlikely for me
11ish diarreah as if running out of open faucet...
Before midnight more diarreah
nauscious & dizzy got basin... then vommitted terribly
Kept basin nearby
1:00am ish felt woosie dizzy vomitted heavy again
More diarreah
By 2:30 vommited again
More liquid running out of butt... its been as if i prepared for a colonoscopy tonight!!!
By 4am last little vomit...
3 or 4 On and off bouts of decreasing fsucet like diarreah since... now sun 12:30pm”
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