McDonald's, Miller Road, Flint, MI, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Miller Road, Flint, 48507 Michigan, United States
McDonald's, Miller Road, Flint, MI, USA
“On 11/11/18 at approximately 3:00pm, while traveling, I ate a big mac and some of the fries that come with the meal. 3-4 hours after my guts felt very uncomfortable. Later in the evening it felt like a large gas bubble or pressure in my upper gastric track, and I wasn't able to pass much at all. The next day I noticed pain in my stomach/upper GI track. Day 3 I still have pain. I've not had any fast food since ad maintain a healthy regimen otherwise. I'm hoping this subsides on its own, but thinking a visit to the doctor may be my next move if not gone by tomorrow. I'm fatigued tho, just want to lay down curled up most of the day. I've had 1 bout of loose stool and normal BM's, but the pain doesn't lessen.”
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