McDonald's, Nottingham Road, Alfreton, United Kingdom

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Hockley Way, Somercotes, DE55 7FA England, United Kingdom
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McDonald's, Nottingham Road, Alfreton, United Kingdom
“On Thursday me and my misses went to mc Donald's in Ollerton drive through around 20:30, she ordered chicken select meal, nacho ball and a cheese burger, I was greedy and ordered the new American burger meal, 20 chicken nuggets and nacho ball... we sat in the car park and began consuming the food, I started with my American burger, the burger was like charcoal... maybe that's how the Americans have it, I didn't really eat much of it because it gave me a horrible charkholy taste, I then began to eat my nacho balls, they were very tasty, I then had about 7 or 8 chicken nuggets and finished my chips off... my misses gave me 2 peices of her chicken... she said it doesn't taste very nice, I smelt it and it smelt fine and it looked okay, so I finished the last 2 off, couldn't really taste much because my taste buds were effected from that black charcoal in the burger I attempted to eat mentioned earlier... she ate her 2 peices of chicken, nachos, had lots of my chicken nuggets to make up for that chicken food trade we had... she gave me her cheese burger because it had red sauce on... she specifically asked for no sauce but they put it on anyway...
Yesterday I was throwing up around 05:25, I went to work and was dry heaving all day at work, I need the money so I had to bear the sickness, I felt dizzy and have suvear diarrhea, the company is only small so they rellied on me to get the job done, i managed to pull it off but i had nothing to eat all yesterday, im still in a bad way now, my stomach's making alot of noise and i keep needing the toliet, i will never be eating from mc donalds again.”
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