McDonald's Quail Springs in OKC

Poisoned 3 years ago
N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, 73134 Oklahoma, United States
McDonald's Quail Springs in OKC
“Thursday, April 13th. Drove through for a quick bite. Got the quarter pounder meal. Had the fries as I was driving. Arrived at my destination in about 10 minutes & ate most of the burger. It hurt my stomach nearly immediately but I was in a hurry & hadn't eaten that day so I shrugged it off to eating too quickly. Friday I had horrible stomach cramps all day & nausea. Hoping it would get better but it just got worse. Every time I moved it killed me. I was running a fever of 99.9, chilling & totally miserable. My husband immediately suspected the burger but I just thought flu. Saturday was the same. Cramps, fever, nausea. Sunday brought constant diarrhea. Today is the same with lower fever. I'm staying hydrated though every sip cramps my stomach. No more burgers for me.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea