McDonald's, Radford Road, Nottingham, UK

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Radford Road, NG7 7EZ England, United Kingdom
McDonald's, Radford Road, Nottingham, UK
“We ordered McDonald’s for delivery last night, my daughter had fishfingers, which I had a bite of one, it didn’t look or taste great, was greyish fish and were very chewy but she had eaten two of them bye this point. 7 hours later she’s been being sick and smells very fishy, I have had an upset stomach but not been sick but I did only eat a small mouthful of one. All the food that was ordered was cold and not nice, they really shouldn’t do delivery if they can’t get it to you in an edible state! I have a piece of sick that has a fish piece in it so am going to freeze it and pass it on to the food standards agency on Monday morning! My poor 4 year old girl!!”
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