McDonald's Restaurant, Strassen, Luxembourg

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
BERTRANGE, 8050 Distrikt Luxemburg, Luxembourg
McDonald's Restaurant, Strassen, Luxembourg
“On wednesday evening (11 april 2018) I went to the McDonald’s Restaurant Drive Through in Strassen (Luxembourg) and ordered a Double Cheeseburger. Only a few minutes after eating it, I felt a certain unease in my stomach area and took a nap in order to recover. As I woke up about 2 hours later, I still felt dizzy. The next day, I was struggeling with diarrhea, extreme stomach cramps (pancreas area, hurting scale: 8/10), headaches, tiredness, etc. In the same evening, I had a fever (40.9 Degree Celsius). The next day (friday, 13 april 2018) I went to my local internist which sent me immediatly to the Emergency Room of the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg. There, the hospital stuff did an analysis of my blood and gave me an intravenous infusion to stop my stomach cramps, all before seeing the doctor. The docter later on wanted to do a scan and an ulteasound of my stomach. After waiting for several hours (still struggeling with the pain), the doctor finally told me that I was having a food poisoning and gave me another intravenous infusion (antibiotics) before I could leave.

So today (14 april 2018), I’m still dealing with diarrhea and stomach cramps but due to all the medics I have to take for the next days, I already feel a bit better.
My conclusion of the whole story is, that I am not going to eat any McDonald’s products in the near future.”
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