McDonald's, Russell Springs, KY, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
U.S. 127, Russell Springs, 42642 Kentucky, United States
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McDonald's, Russell Springs, KY, United States
“Went to McDonald's to claim a free QP with cheese monopoly game piece ordered it plain, it was about 10:45 PM on Saturday night 4/9/16. Discovered it wasn't plain and that they actually put two top buns on instead of one top and one bottom. Went inside and the manager rather than making a new plain one, complained that he didn't hear the drive thru taker yell for it to be plain, scrapped the condiments off the burger, and gave it back. When I protested about this unprofessional attempt at correcting the crap service, he told me basically to get out. Couldn't eat more than half because it tasted odd and was cold. Next morning I wake up at probably 4 AM with the uncontrollable urge to have a bowel movement. Barely make it to the bathroom and am in there for the next hour with liquid diarrhea that has a worse than usual odor. Also vomiting while having the runs. This lasts all day and night and into Monday morning. Its now 4 AM on Monday 4/11/16, my stomach hurts to touch every time I push down onto my navel area I almost cry, every time I burp I can taste that nasty burger, and I am farting worse and longer and more foul smelling than any man I have ever known and I am a young woman. Still have the runs and vomiting and nausea. Feel terrible. Literally farting for at least 30,seconds straight every couple minutes and can't ever tell if its going to be a fart or a short, not even kidding. I have crapped my pants probably 10 times today”
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