McDonald's, School Road, Birmingham B14 4BJ, UK Food Poisoning

Poisoned 9 months ago
School Road, B14 4BJ England, United Kingdom
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Total all time sick persons: 3
McDonald's, School Road, Birmingham B14 4BJ, UK
“We all had mcdonalds (our family of 4, 2 adults 2 children - 9 and 4) we ordered delivery through uber eats and was delivered very promptly. It was 19.55 at the time of it being delivered, anyway the kids had their usual ( quarter punder with cheese meal and a nugget happy meal) so all was fine on for the rest of the evening the kids went up to bed a little later at 9.30 (let their dinner go down as it was so late anyway).. so we get up for school usual time at around 6.45 my 9 year old was complaining of stomach cramps and then all of a sudden it came (the sick the poo it was everywhere) so an hour passes to which I have now scrubbed sick up at least 4 times and then the 4 year old starts again it goes everywhere, so now it's 13.56 on a Friday afternoon i have 2 sick children who should be at school, my home smells purely of vomit and poo ( no matter how much I bleach it) and the worst thing of all is I know it's far from over yet.....”
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3 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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