McDonald's, South Alkire Street, Littleton, CO, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
South Alkire Street, Littleton, 80127 Colorado, United States
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McDonald's, South Alkire Street, Littleton, CO, United States
“Last night I got a craving for chicken nuggets, as is pretty normal. This was around nine o'clock, so I couldn't go to a proper restaurant, and decided to venture to my local McDonalds. Got my nuggets, with a few sauce packets, went home, went to bed two hours later. I woke up for the first time at roughly three AM, slightly scared to find my blanket completely soaked in sweat and my stomach literally shaking. I rushed to the bathroom and after a bit of heaving, threw up chunks (Sorry). I washed off and went to bed hoping that would be the last of it. Woke up again at some unknown time, probably like 4, and again at 5:30, which is right now. Both times I've felt terrible and had to vomit but not diarrhea, luckily. I'm probably going to go back there to speak to a manager this afternoon.”
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1 person had — fever and vomiting
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