McDonald's, Southeast 131st Avenue, Vancouver, WA, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Southeast 131st Avenue, Vancouver, 98683 Washington, United States
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McDonald's, Southeast 131st Avenue, Vancouver, WA, United States
“February 27, 2017 - First time I ever got sick from eating McDonald's. Ordered a large Grand Mac meal and my girlfriend got a large Big Mac meal. We both commented how it didn't taste as great as other times. I'm a huge fan of the Grand Mac and it was hard to finish. About 8 hours later I still felt full and "plump" in the stomach. Not much came out in the bathroom. I went back to sleep. Woke up in the morning with abdominal pain and still full, tried to defecate again but again not much came out. Brushed my teeth to get ready for work, shortly after threw up, basically all of the Grand Mac came back up completely undigested. I imagine this could have been much worse if my body decided to try and digest that crap anyways. It'll take me a while to warm up to McD's again. Won't be going back to this location ever. Will also submit a complaint to the manager there.”
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