McDonald's, Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, 98402 Washington, United States
McDonald's, Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA, United States
“I had a mcdouble, a medium fry, and a caramel frappuccino at around eleven am on the 7th of June. I was fine with the fries and drink but when I got home I started to eat the burger. After that I quickly began to feel very nauseous and had severe stomache pains. About a half an hour later after drinking water I started vomiting, and continued to until I went to the ER at 5 pm. I vomited probably 18 times between noon and 5 but at the hospital I was just severly nauseous and was shaking and sweating like I had been for hours previously and was really pale. Through an IV the nurses there gave me two saline bags and a 4 miligram injection of zofran for the nausea. Three hours later after a blood and urine analysis I was able to go home after the doctor told me that my white blood cells were elevated which can indicate an infection. I'm a little dizzy and nauseous at the moment but much better than I was yestereday. I was the only one that got sick and the doctor agreed with me that it's pretty clear that it was the burger that got me sick.”
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