McDonald's Ty Verlon, Cardiff Road, Barry, United Kingdom

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Cardiff Road, Barry, CF63 2BE Wales, United Kingdom
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McDonald's Ty Verlon, Cardiff Road, Barry, United Kingdom
“My girlfriend and I went here to get a quick something to eat as we couldn't be bothered to cook. We both had a Big Mac meal, I always ask for no gherkins/pickles because I hate the taste and I know for a fact I would of got a completely fresh burger selecting no pickle. We got back to our house and everything looked fine. I noticed the fries were a bit soggy and cold even though we waited for our food for 5 minutes in one of the bay's outside. Her Big Mac seemed very cold and dry and looked like it had been there a while she said it tasted funny and felt strange eating it. Myself being a chef I follow the HACCP guidelines daily As a professional and have learnt throughout my career that cooked foods can be higher risk than that of raw food. Once cooked if not kept at a moderate temperature above 63 degrees bacteria will happily grow in minutes. I've never seen this happen this is all she has eaten all day and almost immediately felt sick. From nausea to a temperature to being sick multiple times I can guarantee it has been from this. Having had bad food poisoning before from room temperature meats instead of properly temperature controlled foods in a car very I know how instant the symptoms can occur. I would like an explanation for this as if properly trained staff would know to dispose of unsold products after a certain time. God knows how many more were sold at the same batch and who knows who else will be affected! I WANT ACTION BEFORE I CONSULT FOR FURTHER HELP!

Kind Regards
Max Morgan
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1 person had — nausea, fever and vomiting
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