McDonald's, US Highway 41 South, Inverness, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
US Highway 41 South, Inverness, 34450 Florida, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 2
McDonald's, US Highway 41 South, Inverness, FL, USA
“My adult daughter and I were headed to the Wildlife park and stopped and got my 7 year old grandaughter and her 6 year old friend cheeseburger happy meals on the way. They both stopped eating their burgers half way through because they started feeling bad. Her stomach started hurting and she got a head acke. Both kids were very tired suddenly and wanted to 'take a nap' and this was 100% out of character, it was only 11:00 am and they both are energetic, don't every do naps and they had both just had a full night's sleep. Her friend threw up once at first we thought he maybe drank too much, but by the time we got to the Wildlife park a half hour away he was throwing his guts up and she was bent over and crying in pain. I think he got it worse because he had a chocolate milk with his meal and and she got a juice but really had just a few sips of drink. He threw up so much that we headed back home ofcourse but then he even fainted on the way so I had to take him to the ER so I had her seen too because she was so sick as well. They decided it was bad food but didn't test for anything just gave them anti-nausea medicine and sent them home. About an hour or so after he had threw up everything in his stomach he started to feel better. My granddaughter still had a stomach ache because she hadn't thrown up her food. I called in to the corporate office. They said they will be in touch.”
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