McDonald's, West Virginia 98, Nutter Fort, West Virginia, USA

Food Poisoning 2 weeks ago
West Virginia 98, Nutter Fort, 26301 West Virginia, United States
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McDonald's, West Virginia 98, Nutter Fort, West Virginia, USA
“I went there and spent $40 on food after my sons baseball game. I am 8 months pregnant and had my one cheat day to eat crappy and I guess I chose wrong. I got a qtr pounder with cheese meal for myself and all the kids their orders and something for my husband. I didn’t start eating my food til we were on the way home and once I opened it my box was filled with grease, (which I get that it’s greasy unhealthy fast food that’s why it’s a cheat day) the sandwich was literally soaked in grease. Then I proceeded to eat my sandwich and i was like hmm this tastes odd and I’m driving so I can’t examine it but then one more bite in I realize it’s cold tasting, and then I put it away til I arrive home and I look at it and it’s as raw as it can be. Now I have been vomiting for the last hour and a half off and on debating if I need to go to the dr or not. I feel horrible and wonder now if the kids burgers were raw as well and they were just to hungry to notice. I will attach photos but I don’t see the place. I literally am so disgusted. This is so disgusting and uncalled for! Carelessness honestly. I called the store and the woman told me if I had to go to the hospital to let them know and they could file a form and pay my dr bill... well I don’t have the money to pay out of pocket for the appointment to prove my sickness just to not be reimbursed in the end. I’ve been encouraged by multiple people to seek legal advice and attention. I’m honestly in such disgust. If I do end up having to go to the hospital this won’t be something I can overlook, I am 8 months pregnant!!! That is a big deal!”
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